June 11, 2009 - the White Pass Rail back to Skagway

Leaving BC and heading toward Alaska

Frasier, the Canadian checkpoint, which is about 20 miles into Canada and where we board the train.

Can you imagine staying here to build the rail?

Anyone want to go ice skating?

L-R: US, Alaska, British Columbia, Yukon Territory, Canada

Reminds me of the Runaway Mine Train at Six Flags.

Flag stop.

Damn! We crossed that bridge?!?

Looking down at Skagway.

I liked this one...

Scenes of Skagway...


Pur time...

Happenin' joint!

I love this snow plow!

Uh - just like the one in Atlanta.
What exactly is park-y about this?


Recap time:
This is our route through the inside passage up to Skagway.

This is our route into the Ykon and back.
The solid line is AK/BC. The dashed line is BC/YT.