June 10, 2009 - Glacier Bay

This morning starts with shales off the port side.

Gosh, it's hard to get good shots of them...

As we enter Glacier Bay, we're treated with some amazing views.

Getting closer to the glaciers, the ice starts to get funky.

Columbia Glacier.

Mountains dwarf the NOAA vessel.

Glaciers everywhere...

We're finally at Margerie, at the end of Glacier Bay.


The intricacies of the ice just make you stare...

...and so we do, for hours.


Evidence of past activity.

Little splash.


I dig reflections.

A brave sea gull shows off its log-rolling abilities on an ever-turning block of ice.

Oh, cap'n, get us out of here...

When the mountains aren't covered with ice and snow, they're still gorgeous.

About to enter "Jaw Drop Inlet".

That's why they call it that...


More funky ice.

Not sure what this is. I just like tryingto track animals...

About to exit Glacier Bay...

A seal-covered bouy.

There's one playing!

Hey boy!

Successfully out of Glacier Bay, our pilot and natualists disembark.

We've gone quite a ways (but I never did see that nude beach from the map...)