June 9, 2009 - College Fjord

It's very early, but the sun is up and there is ice in the water.
Time to go up deck.

The massive Harvard glacier presides over the colleges of the bay.

Vassar creeps her way down the mountains to the see, as well.

Other glaciers, no longer reaching the sea, trickle their runoff along long, winding waterfalls.

I loved this shot. How many mountain sillhouettes are the re?

Bryn Mawr and Smith Glaciers.

Bryn Mawr, up close.

The water is such a deep blue!

Probably a sea lion.

Finally at breakfast, Bill shows off his Bennies!
(A Princess cruise tradition, as they're always with the olives.)

The not-so-deadlies catch.

Other than navigating through ice, the boat has to slalom islands as well.
I don't envy the captain.
I prefer my seat, drinking wine and playing cards/Scrabble.