June 7, 2009 - Morning in Denali

Morning sees us at a hearty breakfast of blueberry pancakes, reindeer sausage, and other fixins.

It is barely 6am and the sky is bright.

Denali Park is about 5 miles south of our lodge.

The park road in is lined with arctic hares and other critters

like caribou!

A moose cow walks gracefully in the distance (about a mile away).

One of the first stops is at a pretty dry glacier riverbed.

On the otherside are two brown bears.


Look at him!

We're heading down the road and across this bridge to the Denali interior.

The road gets rough in spots, but this is rather smooth.
The trees are amazing!

So are the mountains!

An ursine silhouetted against the sky with a pair of golden eagles flying overhead.

Zooming in on bear #3, we find it to be another blond.

Male ptarmigan in heat.

Caribou Crossing.


Kodachrome is aptly named.

We stop to stretch our legs at a nice viewpoint.

The road behind.

The road ahead.


Another golden eagle.

Gosh it is awesome here.