June 6, 2009 - Atlanta to Denali

Day 1 finds us in the Minneapolis-St.Paul airport lounge.

We enjoy our hour or so of rest before the second flight, MSP=>FAI.

Over Great Slave Lake in Canada.


Finally in Fairbanks and driving south towards Denali.

Alaska is beautiful.

Dall's Sheep!

Not an attractive river. The glacier melt makes this about the grayest water I've ever seen.

Cool wooden train bridge.

A couple of more turns and we're to the hotel. BTW, it is about 9pm at this point - broad daylight. The sun set about midnight and rose about 3am, but it never got darker than twilight.

Finally at the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge.

We have a late, late dinner (about 10:30pm) overlooking the river.

The views of the mountains ain't so bad, either.

After dinner (11:30ish), Bill points something downriver out to Carey.

It's been a long day of travelling, especially for not leaving the country... 20+ hours, but we look awake.
My mom was perhaps the smart one and went to bed early.
That's precisely where we're going now...