May 24pm, 2009 - Maple Valley, WA

After the Salish, we head back to the Griffith's house and talk a walk to a neighborhood park.

The path that connects their neighborhood is in the shadows of some huge firs.

Dotted with little white and yellow flowers, the park's meadows are filled on this beautiful holiday weekend with all sort of folks.

Charlie enjoys the swings.

So does Grim!

"Oh, hey Charlie. I forgot you were here."

"OK, I'll push...

A red-winged blackbird lands on a nearby tree.

The duck-inhabited land is lined by yellow irises (I think).

Amanda takes a precious picture of her men.

It was a cute shot...

Watching Charlie watching ducks.

A whole family of ducks swim by.

Lots of ducklings...

Lots and lots of ducklings...

There's mom.

Jill and Charlie walk up the path towards home...

Oh, we have to stop to play with dandilions.

Just a day in the Pacific northwest for the Griffiths.