May 23pm, 2009 - Rainier

The big one - or by continental standards - Rainier stands out as a singular peak amongst hills.

A view of Alder Dam on Nisqually River.

Amanda had been talking about these - espresso stands like one would have boiled peanut stands in Georgia - except these are much more prevalent.

The road to Rainier.

Finally here!

A glacial river bed.

The aptly named copper river flows in stark contrast to its linings rocks.

Is that what I look like from the side?

Snazzy creek!

This looks like a kingfisher, but I don't know what it is.

Once in the park, the road up to Rainier is lined by these creeks, rocky cliffs, and waterfalls.

Getting higher. Getting colder.

Cool meltwater runoff...

Uh. Avalanche zone.

Looking down the mountain.
(WAY down the mountain)

We can't take enough pictures of Rainier.

The road turns into this now.

so, I got abandoned on the side of the road for a while and I had to cross a section where I walk on the side where the road literally falls away since I see a small rockslide on the other side.

Banks of snow line the road as we approach the bases.

Finally at the new Welcome Center, we get a moment to play in the snow.

It is warm enough for sandals, but still snowy.

OK, so it isn't all snow...

Grim points out what he wants to use as a base campe when we climb Rainier next year.
I'm very interested, but still not sold.

Coming back down the mountain.

More waterfalls.


Two deer!

Going out of the park, we drive under a canopy of enormous Douglas firs.

Back home, Jill rewards Charlie for his good behavior with a toy.

...and what a toy!

Big hug!!

Play time!

Oh, he gets into it...

It is his first remote control toy, which turns over and keeps driving when it hits an obstacle...
Grim and I were jealous, but patiently waited our turns.