May 23, 2009 - Washington

The Douglas firs of the great Pacific Northwest...
Its our annual trip to Washington to visit the Griffithss in Maple Valley.

We flew out on a Friday and had a leisurely night before having a huge, long Saturday, which started halfway between Seattle and Rainier at the Northwest Trek.

It was a popular place, so Charlie ran around while we got tickets.

A decent bit of the park is dedicated to animals in their natural habitat, like this bobcat


and this fox.

The wolves were cool. Grim told Charlie that wolves like cinnamon rolls (which his mommy just gave him as a treat).
Charlie hides the cinnamon roll from the real wolves.
(He's not scared of the stuffed one.)

There were at least six gorgeous wolves.

Charlie watches (and continues to hide his roll).

On to the brown bears.

So cute!

Hey there!

Balloo shakes and goes into the wood for a quick 'nooner' behind the trees with Mrs. Balloo.
(No pics of that - damn trees!)

After all the exhibits, we head to the main event - a bus ride through a huge expanse of the Northwest Trek.
The Grimace clan is all ready - or are they?

Amanda looks away as the Grimace men put on their typical faces.
...and there it is!


(A view of the bus ahead of us.)

Big horn sheep!
The ride was about an hour. We saw moose,

A juvie moose grazes in the swamp.

Canada geese with their goslings!


Nasty bison!

Amanda and Charlie can't wait to see what's next.
Grim pictures the nearest coffee shop.

A mountain goat hangs out with some elk.

What beautiful country!

Hey deer!


Hey moose, show me your knuckle!

A golden eagle shows off his wares

while a nearby bald eagle shoots his piercing gaze my way.

A preview of things to come for those who like reading...

After the Trek, we head south towards the majestic mountain.