May 18-20, 2009 - NACStech trade show in Dallas

Cue the Dallas theme song, we're headed to Texas.

THe Gaylord Texan, our hotel-resort-convention center, is so big, it can be recognized from the air (and I haven't even been there before).
That dark roof toward the right is the glass roof you'll see in other pictures.

Inside the Texan is southwestern themed.

The coffee and ice cream shop is a full-scale replica of the Alamo.

However, the fountain out front is not authentic.

A very lifelike long horn helps round out the theme.

Mornings involve a long, winding walk through the resort to theh tradeshow floor.

This is probably probably a 1/2 mile walk under the glass dome,

past streams,

by rapids and fountains,

under overhead walkways (where Eric Smith lurks),

next to the Alamo,

over bridges,

past model trains,

past their associated small towns,

over mosaics,

and under huge trees (real and fake - this is fake version of an actual, specific tree somewhere else in Texas).

Once at the floor, ya gotta make sure everything is ready to go for the day.

That's a typical Radiant Point of Sale. (Notice the dancing Coke can on the customer display.)

The Sheetz station, with their self-service ordering kiosk.

Our fuel controller. This is where the gas pumps plug in. (It's where the magic happens.)
And, that's the setting for our 2nd biggest trade show.