May 14, 2009 - We're having a Girl!

We've been anxiously awaiting this for almost 20 weeks...

GrandCarey and GrandBubba joined us.

So did mom...
They were so excited that they had to join us.
There are the three girls.
Little did I know there were four girls!

Jill was asked to drink 32oz of water an hour before the appointment and NOT PEE!
Since they were running late, she held it for 1:45 before they agreed to let her pee a little.
Finally in the room, they start up the machines.

Jill bares her stomach.

Lubed up, her tummy shows its resident.

This is the head, but about 30 minutes into it, the technician finally looked for proof of gender.

This isn't it, this is the other end.

It's a girl!
Mamma's so happy!!
(Jill read this later, one of the first times she's seen herself referred to as 'mamma' in print.)

She actually tears up.
(I may have, too, if I hadn't stayed busy taking pictures.)

The technician shows Jill that the baby appears to be healthy.
Spine, organs, and everything else looks good.
She's healthy!