May 9am, 2009 - Galway and the Cliffs of Moher

Countless mallards greet us as we make our next fly-by...

at Dromoland Castle.
It was about $800/night, so we didn't stay there. We head towards Bunratty Castle.

After checking-in, we head out for an app and a drink at the local pub.

The typical Irish saying.

The pub was dead for a while,

but picks up quickly as night approaches.

We walk around the old town that is part of the castle grounds.

Cool buildings, most moved from the countryside and restored (but some reproductions built on-site) dot the paths winding through the grounds.

There is a petting zoo of sorts with some mules, deer, and magnificent Irish wolfhounds.

The shops are long closed.

Love the ivy!

Jill poses beside the cooper's house, a coincidental a tribute to her heritage, I guess.

This is where the smurfs lived (I guess).

Finally to Bunratty, a large cubical bastion standing silent guard over the nearby river.

Inside, it is touristy. Garbed players entertain with music and comedy (or, the Brits thought it was funny, but they're absolutely children when it comes to humor).

The king's private chapel, off the throne area.

Dinner was great - leeke soup, eating meat by hands, etc.
Then, a young Benny Hill entertained us, backed up by a troup of players.

This was our waiter.
(He was quick and free with the wine, but I think he found the job beneath him.)

The music was good, centered around traditional Irish tunes.

We get a quick history lesson before heading back to our room at the nearby inn.

Click here for a copy of the day's itinerary.