May 9am, 2009 - Galway and the Cliffs of Moher

Saturday morning, we head into Galway.

Parallel parking on the correct side of the road but the wrong side of the car is very tough.
(It took me several 'wiggles' to get in like this.)

Market Street.

This author sounds like a very wise person.

Inflation... geez!

Leaving Galway and heading south, we go through some more quintessential Ireland.

Sheep on a wall.

Never understimate the power of tidal forces.

If you do underestimate the power of tidal forces, cover your mistakes with a bedsheet.
There is no explanation for why you'd cover your boat with a bedsheet, so people have no choice but to accept the boat covered in being a bedsheet as intentional along with its position on dry land.

Castles everywhere. Like medieval fingerprints, no two are alike.

We stop for some 'Beef & Guinness' and Guinness just south of the Aran Islands.

As scenic as it is, there are relatively few people on this road north of Moher.

No idea why they built this in the wall. It looks intentional. I think it is so the sheep can escape to the road.

The coastline gets rockier.

Looking back the way we came.

Sheep find a place to eat, even amongst the rocks.


Ah, finally, signs of where we're going.

Finally at the cliffs...


A castle stands guard at the south end of the cliffs.

Another castle stands guard at the north end of the cliffs.

Any guesses on what this means?
No stamping out fires caused by seagulls?
If a seagull poops on someone's hairy head, don't put it out with your shoes...
Click here to find out.

Click here for a copy of the day's itinerary.