May 8pm, 2009 - Ashford to Galway

After the falconry, we take one last look around Ashford before we get back into the car.

Our room was the bottom level of the square tower on the right.

From this vantage point, we are the double-window almost surrounded by ivy.

Just quaint.

That's my hot wifey!

OK, we drove over this yesterday.
It is narrow. Notice the speed... 5K! That's like 3MPH.

We may not even be going that fast...
Gorsh, it is a strange feeling on this side of the car.

Back in the countryside, we see more evidence of what consistent rain does for ya.

We just don't get tired of seeing this.
(I probably culled 20 similar pictures for every one I post.)

Fieldstones are so prevalent, they could do nothing but dig them up.
Oddly, the fences are a byproduct of stacking the stones somewhere and the fact that there is no where to take them because everywhere else has lots - as much as it is the desire to keep livestock in partitioned areas.

A good shot of the primrose lining many roads.

Oh - what's this on the road ahead... Something is afoot.

Cows on the move, with border collie puppy trailing behind.

Moving up to the street...

The crossing.

The adult border collie does all the work as the farmer just opens the gate.
Man, that is one nasty-lookin' dog.

While the pup watches and learns,

the adult puts on a show!
(No whistles from the owner. All inate talent.)

We love the thatched rooves...

...and roadside livestock.

These guys scurried out of the road not as we approached, but as we slowed down.

One of the more majestic hidden gems of Connemara is Kylemore Abbey.

Situated on a lough and at the base of a mountain, it is almost worth the vow of celebacy.
(OK, maybe not...)

Click here for a copy of the day's itinerary.