May 7, 2009 - Glenveagh to Ashford

Many roundabouts have artwork or monuments.
Some roundabouts are more interesting than others, like this one, the Polestar Roundabout.

Random church on the way.
We pass several of these per town.

We see an oceanside fishing village and turn off, just for fun.

Cool row-houses (most likely second homes for city folk).


No idea. Not on any map. Just another castle, I guess...

A horse wonders why we're watching it eat.

We take a jaunt down a side road, just becuase we want to.
(This is not a one-way road, by the way.)

We are rewarded for our troubles.

We never get tired of the wall-lined grassy fields.

We never get tired of castles, either.
Finally, we arrive at Ashford, our home this evening.

This is the north view from our room, which one entire floor of the large tower...

The castle is equisite!
Wood everywhere!

Jill asked me not to post this, but I just like the picture.
(I had a good view at dinner.)

Every room had a different ceiling.

Everyone was over-decorated with drapes and wallpapers, too.

And art - or sculpures - or pottery - or, in this place, humongous plates.

...and chandeliers!

Jill poses in front of one of countless fireplaces.

The side view shows that the pregnancy appears to be progressing nicely.

Click here for a copy of the day's itinerary.