May 6, 2009 - Giant's Causeway and Bushmills, NIR

Sheep make due all over Ireland and NIR.

The ruins of Dunseverick Castle.

Finally at the goal of our day's drive - The Giant's Causeway.

Basalt columns of 5-9 sides protrude from the sea and ground here.

Some are tall.
This absolutely is surreal.


"The Organ," a famous formation here, seen from about 1/2 mile.

A narrow pass in the rocks lets you get to the continuation of the path that goes through the park.
It was so cold and rainy, we declined.

Grass finds a way to grow everywhere here!

The rough seas of the North Atlantic.

I love this one, too!

Positively alien.


One last castle on our way back - Dunluce.

Click here for a copy of the day's itinerary.