May 6, 2009 - Dublin to Ballintoy, Northern Ireland

In the fast lane.
Feels strange to be on the wrong side...


Lunch in Belfast was at Robinson's restaurants.

Even lights don't work full time here...

Cool church.

Winding roads of Northern Ireland (NIR).
Some are lined with rock and concrete walls.

Some are lined with trellised flora.

Some are flanked by wary sheep.

Some roads have precious little lambs...

But most throughout the northland in May are lined with blooming primrose.

In the extreme north of Northern Ireland, the towns are few, far between, and quaint.

So green!

Just some park...

Ballintoy Harbour.

It gets rugged up here!

The tides are extreme up here.

The coast is wild!

And the rocks are plenty.

I love this shot.

Click here for a copy of the day's itinerary.