April 24, 2009 - More redecorating

We didn't publicise this much at the time because we didn't want to give anything away too early, but we'd been 'nesting' for a while. We moved the main guest room out what was to become the baby's room.

What was a 'B&B theme' got painted and merged with the Irish room to make an 'Irish B&B.'
"The old people," my great grandfather, Dawson Moore (right) and great-great grandfather, John Moore (left) moved to this corner suite.

So did the picture of the sheep that Brendan and I chased.

The adjoining bath also gets a fresh coat of paint

and a few Irish touches.

By now, the closets are done, too.
(This is mine.)

Despite the Wii and armadillos on the shelving,

it is supposed to resemble a cruise ship room,

complete with 'deck plan.'

Jill's closet is done and filled, too.