April 20, 2009 - Slight redecorating

We've been adding to our house here and there. I really like the border of little pictures in the dining room.

Since it has a Georgia theme, the pictures are all ones Jill and I have taken from all over the state.

L=>R: Carrol Street in Atlanta, the skyline from Atlantic Station, and the aquarium - all at night.

We finally got our 'See Rock City' birdhouse - a true Georgia staple!

Ben helped us with the lighting for our bookshelves...

On which we have some nicknacks from recent trips, like the Swedish Dala Horse

and the Matrioska dolls from Moscow.
Don't miss the picture of us with the McMahon brood!

I'm not sure what may have changed here, but it is probably still our favorite room in the house...