April 18, 2009 - Rich and Katherine's Wedding Receiption

Kevin's contagious happy feeling didn't last long...

Katherine and her dad have their dance.
"Wonderful World," as I recall.

Rich dances with mom.

Abs and Jason.

The bride's cake is pretty, but it doesn't hold a candle to the groom's.
Picture the one from 'Steel Magnolias,' but instead of an armadillo...

LLAMA, baby!

Evan and his fiancé, Kyle.

Then he moves on to do something homoerotic with his long-time former roommate, Larry.

The toasts...

Then Jason's toast: the premise is clear...
I'll let is speak for itself.

There was a sweet, sappy ending, though.

Then the Wilsons take their turn.
First mom...

Then Mr. Wilson...

Finally, it is the groom's turn to toast his gorgeous bride.

Cake #1...

Cake #2!

Oh... is this going to end well?

Yeah, it did end well for them.

The llama doesn't necessarily agree.

But we did!
Michelle shows off her sadistic side as she poses and smiles with fresh plate of llama meat!

Up next: Dancing, including Whip-It!