April 17, 2009 - Rich and Katherine's Rehearsal+Dinner

We all gather in Memphis, Tennessee for Rich and Katherine's wedding.
Rich, who presided over our wedding seven years ago, is himself gettin' hitched. Eat your heart out Jill's mom's tennis team!
Foreground is Rich's little brother, Mike Wilson.
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The menfolk gather at the apse and prepare to rehearse.
Evan appears to have questions already.

Ok, Evan isn't too serious.
He is still sporting an ankle brace from the bachelor party.

Hey, Sergio, its a candid pose. Pay attention.

Rich's mom (we just call her "mom"), his nephew (her first grandson), Jonathon, and Rich's dad (whom we call "Mr. Wilson").

It's a Catholic affair, and the priest preps the bridal party while Katherine bask in the glow of their friends' and family's support.

The gals.

Jason takes his best man throne.

Jonathon was a star this weekend!
He was great for way longer than most kids should normally have to be - and so cute!

Rich, Katherine, and the maid of honor, Dana.
As I look back at this picture, I gotta say, they really are so happy. Jill and I talked about it before the wedding... I don't have the historical perspective about Katherine, but Rich really has seemed happier the last two years than he ever has - even in college when he was esseintially worry-free for years. We have to attribute that to truly finding everything he ever wanted in a friend, confidant, and lover in the purest sense of the terms.
Thank you, Katherine!!

Dana, Katherine, Rich, and Jason just hang for a while.

OK, the guys are focused...

The lineup - L=>R: Rebecca, Michelle, Melody, Dawn, Cybil, Dana, Katherine, Rich (mostly hidden) and a Jason who wants to be elsewhere for the moment.

Cybil, Data, Katherine, Rich, Jason, and the precious flower girl.

This was too cute - the ring bearer and bridesmaid recess.

Ah, the beautiful bride...

Katherine and her dad, who incidentally has six older children.

The bridesmaids again - Rebecca, Michelle, Melody, Dawn, Cybil, and Dana.

A'ight, the dinner - Mosa, which is at the restaurant owned by Michelle and family.

My guess is that Mr. Crone is getting a Spanish lesson from Sergio.
(Just a guess.)
Yes, this is the Sergio who broke his hand at Rich's bachelor party.

The party table - Damien, his girlfriend Holly (whom we love to the point that if he doesn't propose to her soon, I think we all will on his behalf), and a drankin' Evan are flanked by Rich and Larry playing with chopsticks.

OK, the food was fab and our table is trashed.
Fly shirt, Kevin.

Back to a starry-eyed Dames, staring off into the distance (and really, there is a wall about 4 feet in front of him, so I'll attribute this stare to an acid flashback), Holly, and Ev.

The toasts... Katerine was first.

The audience listens attentively. It was a funny and touching speech, which followed an awesome video.

Most of the bridesmaids listen, laugh, and tear up while ever-photogenic Cybil tries to hold in the pee just a couple of more minutes.

Rich, also with a touching and funny speech, is blinded by the flashbulbs by the time I took a picture.

Jason shows off his best-man gift (a robe that says "Mr. Awesome" which matches the honorary gift of a "Mrs. Awesome" robe given to Abigail) and gives his first of two monumental toasts.
The one at the reception will be well documented. Wait for it...

Tomorrow: wedding day!