April 13, 2009 - More Charleston

Another look at the Hunley...

We arrive and take our seats in the main stadium.
The first match is American, Mallory Cecil

vs. Frenchwoman, Virinie Razzano.

Charleston has a lot of character. They take pride in their city and show a little extra love to the competitors in the main court, what appears to be banana-leaf furniture.

Mallory goes for a big serve.

Being a Monday, a workday, there is basically no one there.
In fairness, it did sprinkle a bit, but since it is clay, they played through it.

American, Vania King is overmatched by

Belorussian, Olga Govortsova.

I took a few pictures of her.

You know, just to document her form service motion...

Shuai Peng from China...

Thei big American, Alexandra Stevensen

...looks to be recovering from arthroscopy.

The little Uzbekistan, Agkul Amanmuradova, is too much for her.

She looks like a 14-year-old boy, but hits like a monster.