Apr 12, 2009 - Charleston, Day 1

For Carey's birthday, we head to Charleston, SC for the Family Circle Cup.
The first morning in Charleston, we walk from the hotel to brunch, past the College of Charleston.

This is the old auction house on Market Street.

More downtown.

Sunday market on the way back to the hotel.

Happy Easter!

Cool taxi...

Another scene from downtown, this is where dinner will be tonight.

To get to Daniel Island from Charleson, you have to cross bridges.

This is a cool one.

This is Anastasija Sevastova from Latvia.

She's playing Venessa Henke from Germany.
This is the highest-paying non-major women's tennis tournament, so it attracts some big stars.

Well, not necessarily anyone we're seeing today...

This is Angela Haynes from the US.

Definately a crowd favorite, Angela qualified for the actual tournament.
What a serve.

Huge serve.

Her opponent was Chin-Wei Chan from Taipei.

Meanwhile, on the main court, Mr. Williams is out warming up his daughter...


Nice outfit, Mr. Williams.

Another bridge on the way back downtown.

Adjacent to our hotel is a replica of the old Confederate submarine, the Hunley.

Walking to dinner.

Dinner downtown at Hyman's.

We have a family member memorialized in this church in Charleston.
Phillipe LeRoy was our ancestor who originally immigrated to the U.S. from France during the persecution in the 1700s.

It's a striking church!

By now, this is the only independent Huguenot Church remaining in the U.S.
Its history is fascinating, especially the reference to damage it sustained in "the War Between the States." Considering its location in South Carolina, I'm mildly surprised they didn't call it "the War of Northern Aggression."
Link to the church's website