Feb 21, 2009 - Fort Myers

We flew into Fort Myers after work one Friday.
The next morning we drive to a local park, Six Mile Slough (sloo), where we are greeted by copious wildlife, mostly water birds like this great blue heron.


We came upin a little blue heron (actually its own species, not just a small 'Great').

We it hunt minnows for a while.

Hawk (red shouldered?)

It's really a beautiful bird!

Turtles take advantage of the floating dock.

This cypress has a strange pink fungus on it.

Adolescent alligator.

This is what most of the area looked like.

But when you get to ponds, you can see things like this soft shell turtle.

Check out this lake. See the large cypress on the left side?

It housed a group of ibis.

This is a cool tree!

Pileated woodpecker. (My dad recognized its call before he saw it. Very cool.)

Throughout the park is a mile and a half (maybe more) of boardwalks like these.

Night heron.

A great white egret wades by.

A wee turtle dries itself on a wee log.

More general scenery.

Ah - ibis up close.

A black ibis. I don't think I had seen one outside a zoo...
Cool park to have a few miles from your house, eh?