Jan 31, 2009 - Telling Grand Carey & Grand Bubba

So, we took Carey and Bill up to the
Irish guest room in our house.

We told them of how we were rearranging things and moving the Irish room to the back corner.

We are mixed on what to do with the room...
Maybe we make it African, since we have lots of pictures and we can get animal prints and stuff.
Maybe we make it Asian, since we have lots of China and Japan pictures and we can get symbols and nicknacks.
Maybe we make it South American...
Or maybe...
We make it a bit of everything and just make it the baby's room...

Bubba looks around.
Uh, yeah... I can see how that would work.

Carey almost falls down as a huge smile comes across her face.
Are you?
Jill nods.

Carey goes crazy.

Bill is starting to put it together.

He gets closer. I think he has it just about figured out.

He's got it!