Jan 24, 2009 - Baby shopping and telling Grand Carey & Grand Bubba

One morning, Jill took the test, and she got two lines! We had done it!

Fast forward a week. We went looking at baby stuff for the first time.
We liked this set due to the color variety - yellow, green, blue, and peach.
I'm not saying we're going to buy any of this stuff, but we certainly liked it.

The mobile is like a little color wheel.

I loved the floppy giraffe.

The moon theme on the fabric is carried over well into other trinkets.

We love the balloon!


We like this type of furniture.

Jill checks out the glider.

This is precious.

Oh - that's the lamp!

This is Josh and Heather [Maxwell] Katz's baby boy, Jacob Anthony, all cocooned like a caterpiller.
(We went to see Bodies: The Exhibit with them.)