Jan 20-21, 2009 - Colorado Springs

This is an unusually exciting work-trip - visiting the Skyline electronic sign manufacturing facility in Colorado Springs.

Actually, I can't lie to you, I got to walk through one of the huge Amber Alert interstate signs.

It is pretty cool in there.

The back side of the light panels.

Lots of aluminum hanging around...

Here's how it is relevant to me... Fuel price signs...
(Me, Stephen Rogers, and Art Curtis pose in front of what I believe is the 108" sign.

Aaron McHugh explains the internals.

Sometimes we put Art away so he can do no harm.

Price sign holding area.

Their warehouse has a cool view. That's NORAD in the background.

They're not all LED signs, this one "scrolls" the numbers.

They use car window motors.

Stephen tests their software's integration to our point of sale software (bottom right).
Notice the magazine in the background... That has Stephen and Aaron on the cover of our industry's trade magazine.

This really is exciting stuff!
Art takes pictures, too.
So, this trip was about two solid days of training to learn their software better - installation, configuration, use, benefits, integration, etc. However, on the third day, it wasn't all work...
Tomorrow: play-time