Jan 2, 2009 - Aruba

Last stop on the cruise: Aruba

The first thing we do is take a boat across the harbor

towards California Lighthouse

to a semi-submersible.

We cruise around a shipwreck for an hour or so,

checking out an old German freighter

and the fish that call it home.

This fish nibbles on the crap growing on the side of the sub.

I gotta do this!

Cool resort!

Then, we head over to the lighthouse.

The landscape looks alien.

The lighthouse is gorgeous.

We pass a cemetary.

Arubans have an odd tradition of painting and decorating family crypts and mosoleums like their housesms.

We head over to the national park

and its natural bridge.

Jill and I can watch waves crash on rocks for hours.


Surreal. For being in the Caribbean, Aurba is rather arid.

Overlooking the island.

The huge thing to the right is a Christmas cactus. Seriously.

Jill and I head downtown to get some of the local culture and cuisine.

Fried cornbread with cheese curds.
It is like Aruban poutine.
So good!

The touristy shopping area.

I thought this boat was awesome.

Looking back from the boat at a bar that Jill and I hung out at for a while.

This is the sky lounge that we always hung out at.

We play cards, have candy, drink wine, and watch our cruising progress with a portable GPS we stick to the glass.

Paul takes advantage of being near land to keep in touch with Eulalia, who was at home on bedrest, doing her best to keep little Repsie baking.

We say goodbye to Aruba and watch it and this island of cypress (or some other marine tree) fade into the distance.