Jan 1, 2009 - Bonaire

Midmorning on New Year's Day, to the starboard, we approach the island of Bonaire,

Netherland Antilles, far from Grenada.

A couple of lighthouses dot the coast.

We watch a gull or booby of some kind play, drafting off the ship and catching flying fish playing in the ships' wake.

There it goes...

Got it!

I see a smile and a full belly.

Finally ashore in Bonaire, we head for the reefs.
This is the boat that takes Paul and Ben to the marine park.

For now, we just hang out on the beach and snorkel.

...and hang out on the beach.

Back from the beach, Jill and I head through town for a sportsbar.

We finally find one and watch Georgia - Michigan State with a killer view!

Did I mention the view?

The game was great. Go Dawgs!

But the setting was heaven.

Cool fish.

Bonaire - not the coolest island, but we'll always have fond memories of hanging out at that bar. Honestly, one of the highlights of the cruise, though it was just the two of us. One of the other best parts was playing cards in the sky lounge, which we did almost every evening.

The end of the day - hanging out on the Lido deck, watching the Rose Bowl as we sail for Aruba.

Awesome day.

Capped off with a killer sunset!