Dec 31, 2008 - Grenada

Welcome to the Spice Isle of Grenada!

Cool road scenery abounds.

The first stop: a spice plantation.

Cocao roasting in the sun.

Nutmeg, which produces the obvious namesake spice as well as mace.

Red mace wraps the nutmeg like tentacles (front, center), but is unwrapped in the bowl in the back.

Loofah, in its dried, skinned form.

Loofah in the wild, commonly taken elsewhere from marine life, it is harvested in Grenada from a plant.

Drying nutmeg in back with a ripe, cracked cocao pod in front.

Jill poses with the police, who presumably guard the cash, as the plantation takes whole dollars for fresh spics.

Reminiscent of trips past.

cocao and bananas in the raw.

Grenada is as beautiful as it is poor.

I literally saw no flags flying anywhere. This is as close as it got.

Wild bovines.

Nutmeg trees.


More road decor.

These caterpillars were seriously 8" long.


General scenery...

I think he means 'when you get caught' or 'when you get killed.'

One awesome tree!

Two... ha, ha, ha, TWO cool trees!

Carey, Bill, and Jill pose in front of a waterfall.

Strange things always happen when you're drinkin...

Once again, our ship dwarfs the other one in port.

A view from a fort.

The afternoon tradition - playing cards and eating chocolates (thanks mom and Paul!) in the upper lounge.