Dec 25, 2008 - Christmas at Jackie's

First, we had to take a picture of our blooming corn plants for Nan, who had never heard of that.

Of the two plants, Amanda and Charlie, named for the folks who bequeathed them to us before their move to Seattle, only the shorter Charlie was blooming this time.

"Abandon hope all ye who enter here."

Who ya looking' at there, Elijah?

Bubba's done the carvin'.
It looks like Jackie's about done with the spread.
The rest of us stay out of the way and snatch samples of turkey and ham.

The chil'en', Molly and Ava (front and back, respectively), entertain everyone with their new toys and general preciousness.

Molly makes Uncle Jamie proud by doing the driving.

Gosh, Ava looks like a little Adam in a frilly fairy-like tutu!
(Scary thought! I shouldn't say such things with him back in the Army. You just can't talk about those sorts of things. Well, it is a new administration and a new Army, Adam. I suppose I should just wish him good luck!)

After dinner (of which I was too busy eating to take pictures)... more toys!

Focus, Molly, focus...

The madness on the other side of the room.

I just thought this was a good shot. I have no idea what she is staring at so intently.

Yep, that's me, assembling what was probably the girliest present of the evening.

At least Ava enjoyed it.

Smile, jackass!

This was Buster's first Christmas, too. He is exhausted.
Seriously, son, it was my 3rd or 4th Christmas before I could even keep up...


Conner teaches Jill Wii tennis.

OK, who was I kidding?
It is my 12th Christmas around this family and I still can't keep up with them.
...not out of boredom. I'm just stuffed and plain wore out.
Another great Christmas at Jackie's.