Dec 24, 2008 - Christmas Eve at the McMahon's

Since they outnumber the rest of us, Christmas is at the McMahon's.
This year, we get to celebrate it on Christmas Eve.
Kelsey and Sean are ready!

The stockings are stuffed and covered.

Sean's first!

Wow! What could possibly be better than a book that's also a truck?

I don't know what this is, but it is certainly entertaining.

Another book!

And another one - "Who will Confort Toffel?"

Anything else?

All gone!

Kelsey's turn.


Oooo... Every little girl's dream - a plate!

"Pippi Longstocking!"

There must be more!

Meanwhile, Quinn sleeps peacefully as Megan watches the festivities.

Done with her own stocking, Kelsey gets to open the twins'.

Cool glowing ducky!

Bequeathed to me was the Santons, traditional figurines we all painted on our last Christmas cruise in Provence.

Here they are all lined up on a map of the Rhone and Saone river valleys.
Carey painted baby Jesus. I painted the left-most of the Four [Scary] Wise Men.
I'm not sure who did the Grim Reaper's little friend at the top-left.

Mom's turn.


Either a cookbook or a puzzle book. I'm not sure.

I've got Megan!

She looks happy to be here.

Playing with a new toy...
That's it for Christmas pics...