November 27, 2008 - Thanksgiving

We wake up to a christmas cactus actually blooming near the holidays (as opposed to its normal Valentine's-cactus timing).

Mom poses with her grand-brood, Sean, Quinn, Megan, and Kelsey.

The Clan McMahon.

Kelsey reenacts an excerpt from her school Thanksgiving play.

Typical pre-meal Thanksgiving festivities at a LeRoy family gathering (or post-meal, for that matter).
This would be Continental Rummy, a flavor of Canasta on steroids.

Kelsey play, part two.

(She's "Princess Moonbeam.")

...and spoiling a surprise for those who don't know, there are sixteen pictured here.
Eulalia is pregnant!

Quinn, Ben, and Brendan succumb to the triptofen.

Carey holds Megan for the first time.

(Both love it!)

Aunt Jill and Megan.

A sobering handful.

No bedsqueeks at Scott & Jill's tonight.

On to the second act of our Thanksgiving...

Jimmy and Donna Nall host again this year.
Counterclockwise, Molly takes a time out to play with a doll, Ava chows down, Jackie fixes her plate, Amy surveys the damage halfway through round 1 of the buffet, and Bill's probably already carving more turkey.

Donna, Jimmy, and Bill McGuire (left, right, and top) step in for a plate.

Amy wonders if I'm still taking pictures of her while Elijah comes back for round two.

The appetizer and wine table has pretty much been decimated.

Clockwise: Stacey, Adam, Hannah, Jennifer, and Tommy sit at table 3.

Bill, Molly, Ava, and Jackie.

A Cofer Thanksgiving is Warner Brothers cartoon. Photographers have to wait for the wind to die down and the serving dishes to come to a complete rest before taking pictures.

It is a SIGHT to behold and something altogether surreal to take part in.

Clockwise: Donna's mom, Jamie, the ever-smiling Candyce, [Jimmy] Kirkley, Nanna, Jere, Jackie, and Stacey.
Elijah's seat is vacant, so he's back at the buffet or in front of the football game (which is within line-of-sight from the buffet, so it is a win-win).

Time for my second round at the buffet before Tommy goes through with Tupperware.
Odds are he already has, so Bill McGuire and I sit ourselves down by the deviled egg plate and have an unofficial eating contest.

That's pretty much how Thanksgiving Day goes at both households...

"Processing Nicely..."