November 24, 2008 - Stockholm

We wake up on our last day and have breakfast at a cafe.

From our warm and cozy spot inside, we watch the snow come down harder on the Swedes walking to work.
(That's a heated sidewalk, by the way.)

Within about 30 minutes, the [heated] sidewalk started getting covered in snow.

From breakfast, we have about 30 minutes to kill before heading to the airport.
Since we can't waste any time in another country, we head to a church near our hotel that I've been eying.

The snow is really coming down at this time.

I love icicles.

The church is awesome, with vines struggling up the wintery brick walls.

I really like the look of this church, even though it isn't even on many city maps.

A view of the church grounds, which serve as a cutthrough for locals trying to get somewhere, anywhere quickly.

The cemetary.

A last view from our hotel room as we grab our bags, then back into the blizzard.

Our mini-suitcase marathon, more of a sprint from the hotel to the train station.

The trains show signs of their wintery trek.

About 4" of snow cover the untrodden ground.


Finally at Stockholm-Arlanda.

Check this out - on the left is a skating rink inside the airport.

Add this to the list of jobs I'm glad I don't have.
At least the bags are mostly dry.

Ice spreads across our wings.

AND they check our engine very closely. (Starting to get nervous.)

Meanwhile, the bags are getting a bit snowier.

Let the de-icing begin.

Oh - and they have to constantly plow the runways.

The ice on the windows helps shield us from the horror.

Finally aloft, we check out the frozen countryside as we head home.
Great trip! We definately want to go back to Scanadavia.