November 23, 2008 - Stockholm

Funny sign.

More general Stockholm scenes...

I love this shot.
It shows a simple Swedish Christmas that exemplifies what is right about the holidays everywhere else in the world - so much less commercialization.

My baby poses in a famously narrow staircase-alley.

I liked this, too. We happened to follow this mom pulling her kids down the street to the intersection where her husband took over. It was a neat moment.

I don't remember the name of this church...

But we walked in anyway.

Typical European church - ornate altar... organ.

Another alley.

Just perpetuatinig stereotypes.

But Swedes do have an odd side.

Stockholm has lots of scuptures, but this one was a bid odd.

Jill shows off the pefect little snowflake.

St. George slays the dragon.

King Gustav III.

More of Old Town.

Meanwhile, the guards are still cold.

A pedestrian shopping street.

Jill poses with her troll friend.

The same narrow stairs look narrower at night.

Window shopping...

OK, so you know how dark it is? This is lunch.

Seriously. Great meal, though!

At this point, I'm just taking pictures to entertain myself and stay warm.

Walking back across a bridge from Old Town to the hotel.

Getting colder with the rivery breeze.

Back by the hotel, we go back to our local pub for dinner.