November 16, 2008 - A Day in Atlanta

Early one Sunday morning (around noon), Evan, Kyle, mom, Jill and I all meet up at the High Museum of Art for opening day of the First Emperor, the exhibit of the terra cotta soldiers from Xian, China.

Part of the festivities is an old dude doing Tai Chi...

...and some other guys dressed like a clay soldier.

And the Tai Chi continues like karate on quaaludes.

No pictures allowed inside, but here is one of mom's favorites - the Liechtenstein House.

One of the works in the modern section. I actually REALLY liked this one!
(I want to make one.)

After the museum and a cocktail with Evan and Kyle, Jill and I need to waste time until the evening's event.
We head to the Botanical Gardens.

Water lillies are so photogenic.

It is cold outside, so we head into the Conservatory.

Jill's silhouetted in the sun and mist.

I always have to look for the quail. There is a big family of about twenty now.

We meet Jill's cousins, Chris and Bart, downtown for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Chris and Bart got us all box seats at Philips, which afforded us a great view down at the stage.

The concert was unusual, but really good.
The lights were legendary.

It was the ultimate 80's metal show!
I didn't get a good shot of the fire, fog

The lights move around so much!


Great show.
Thanks, Bart and Chris!