November 15, 2008 - Dinner Party

So, our house has 5 beds and our table seats 10. Convenient.
We have some folks over for wine and dinner (and wine).

We start with a double magnum of '01 BV Rutherford Cab.
I know I'm a snob, but I'm OK with that. The first step is admitting it, eh?

Abigail takes a picture of the rest of the gang.
R-L: me, Rich (who married me/Jill), Kevin, his girlfriend and life partner [no crap] Brooke, Jill, Rich's fiance Katherine, Evan, his girlfriend Kyle, and Jason (the husband of the cameraperson).

Rich and Jason play with depth. A single bottle in front and a 3L (4x) bottle in back.
They look the same size!
OK, perhaps we laugh because by now we're almost done with that bottle.

I think it is before dinner at this point and we've polished off a wee bit of vino.

Catching up.

He looks so lifelike!

The arsenal is growing. 1 big + 10 littles (2 unopened - the screwcap on the right is empty).

Towards the end of the evening, 1 big, 9 littles gone.

Jason shows off the wall he ran into.

The ladies.
R-L: Katherine, Brooke, Jill, Abigail, and Kyle.
(To re-link people, Abs is the sister of Josh White - the guy from Provo.)

Jill kisses Jason, who appears to be holding in diharea.

It always comes to this. MarioKart.
This game got us through many an otherwise productive day in college.
This is the first time we played it on our new TV, so it was quite an experience.
However, Rich, Jason, Kevin, Jill, and I spent so many hours playing it in colllege, we just love to re-live those times.

You pick your cartoon character (based on the Donkey Kong series), and drive arond on golf carts shooting each other with turtle shells of various colors. (Very realistic.)

Just flirting with Kyle.
Why did this have to be caught on camera?

OK. Fair. I'll excuse the last picture, because I found this one.
An Abs-Jill embrace - H-O-T!