November 9, 2008 - Park City

Sunday morning, Josh picks us up and we head northeast to Park City.
The drive is spactacular.

This was a bit odd...

But driving next to mountains (well, actually between mountains) was stunning.

Finally in Park City, Josh and Jill sit down with Baloo.

I make a friend, too.

He (he's in drag) likes it when I fondle his dewlap.

Very strange stuff in a gift shop - wiener dog art caled Hot Diggity.

Some "artist" had lots of time in their hands and a very gullable sponsor.
Then again, I kinda like 'em!

OK, I wish I got this shirt, but it wasn't very soft.

Park City has lots of art on the streets, as well as lots of restaurants.

I really like this one.

Park City is so quaint.

The Egyptian theater in the heart of Park City.

I won't comment on weather or not I bought these. I'll leave that up to your imagination.
Well, ole Phil needs to keep warm!

We met up with one of Josh's harem for lunch in Park City.
We adjourned to our hotel, the Stein-Eriksen Lodge, for cocktails...