November 8, 2008 - Provo

We flew out to Salt Lake City after work one Friday in November.
It was Jill's birthday weekend and a Georgia away game - a perfect chance to go out and see our friend, Josh, who recently went back to school at BYU.
(You may know Josh as the brother of Abigail White [Rhoades].) He took us out for dinner at a brewpub in SLC before we headed south to Provo.

The next morning, he picked us up at our hotel and brought us through Provo (the library is pictured)... campus.

It was gameday at BYU, the Aztecs of San Diego State were in town.

Levell Edwards Stadium, regularly honored as one of the best places to watch a college football game.

Josh shows off his dad's tailgate.
Yes, that is the stadium in the background; it is actually closer than it appears.
The tailgate spread was amazing. On one side of the tables were pancakes and eggs cooked to order. On the other side, they're deep-drying scones, on which we sprinkled cinnamon-sugar, though choices included fresh honey (Utah is the Beehive State, afterall), molasses, fresh cream, and other toppings.
In the middle was fruit, lemon tarts, cassaroles, etc.

We headed to the stadium about 15 minutes before kickoff and get to our seats in plenty of time.

Josh was a GREAT host. He picked up some BYU shirts for us, since he correctly surmised that we didn't have any.

The Cougar Marching Band takes the field.

The team runs out amid smoke and cannon fire.

BYU has many players of Polynesian descent, so they perform the haka before the game.

General pictures...

The mountains in the background were awe inspiring.

BYU kicks the heck out of SDSU.

The stadium did fill up.

Very strange set here. There is no telling what they're going to do from this formation.

Jill goes out and finds kettle-corn.

The final score.

The band was very good.

Parting shot at Lavell Edwards Stadium.

That evening, we went out for drinks.
There is a shady bar on Provo's Main Street. Jill and I bellied up to the bar in our BYU gear. I must say, that was a strange feeling.
After the bar, we went up tp Provo Temple.
We met Sara there. (Sara is Josh's and Abigail's sister.)
She took us back to our hotel where we caught up for a while.

The LDS temples are so piccturesque.
This isn't exactly
Salt Lake Temple or Bountiful, but it is still neat.