October 7, 2008 - Chicago

On the last night of the tradeshow, we head out to the House of Blues for a private party, to which our friend, Tammy, (mainly Art's friend) gets us passes.
The opening act was Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees. (Yes, I had to look that up.)

My former boss, Ernie (center), and Eric Smith might be enjoying themselves.
At least it is an open bar.

Stage fluff.

Speaking of which, Tammy gets on stage!

The ladies line up...

The one on the right has a dress (and a personality) made of sequins!

Wow. He didn't look that nasty in person.

Jeff breaks it down while Tammy does the shoop-shoop.

That wasn't fair... Tammy can dance. I was still sore from dancing with her the previous night (at Bootleggers - where Art took his undershirt off) and was sorer the next day.

That's our gal!

Then the main attraction takes the stage - Nelly.
No zoom; that's where we were.

This would be zoomed.

Strange audience for a Nelly show - mainly 40-somethings.

"It's gettin' hot in here..."

Somehow Art (right) gets my camera.
Smitty is not amused.

Apparently, things are cooler when you lean too far your right and squint.
This is one of the new shirts Jill bought a few days before on the Magnificent Mile.

Random club shot (featuring the top-right of Art's face).

When the show was over, we went downstairs where a soulful cover band was playing.

This chick f-ing rocked the Allmans!

Art almost hijacked a car of strippers, then commandeered a limo.
Not too much after that, we wound back up at Bootleggers...

...where Tammy and a random assortment of a rival company play beer pong.
The next day was all about recovery, a half-day of work, and a flight home.
So glad trade shows only come twice a year...