September 27, 2008 - Alabama at Georgia

Well, we all know how the game ended, but there were still a few good moments - and pictures.
As we got onto 316 from our back route, we found ourselves face to face with the Goodyear blimp. Snazzy.

After breakfast, we made some roadies and went to Meyer's Quad to check out College Gameday.
I love that sign... "I had a better sign, but Phil Fulmer ate it."

I don't know who they are, but I like their spirit.

Great sign.

There are just a few people out on the Quad.

We stop by for a picture taken by Nikki Childs of all people (4-time national champion Georgia GymDog).

The big screen ESPN setup in the Quad acts as a focal point for the fans, as it is better than the backs of the sportscasters.

Uga VII takes to the Gameday desk.

Lee leans back in true Corso style...

...and comes back with Big Al's head.
The boos were deafening.

It takes quite a few trucks to put on Gameday.
(This is at a time of a huge gas shortage in Georgia. It wasn't a diesel shortage, but I wanted to archive that thought while I had it in mind...)

Uga hangs out after a long morning of work.

The fans were absolutely jacked for the game!

Moreno sports his 'Know-hawk.'

General pics...

The team runs out on the field and proceeds to spot 'Bama 31 points.
That's all the pics I'm going to post...