September 20, 2008 - Georgia at Arizona State

Morning #2 starts off much like morning #1 - at a local creperie, just across Mill Ave. from A Mountain.

There are people making the ascent today, too.

After breakfast, we head to the bars to get a spot for the Noon Eastern games, which kick off at 9am here!
Gordon Biersch is the official UGA headquarters for the weekend,

but we go to the Library.
More TVs and more attractive (and less-dressed) waitresses.

Ben and Ansley join us at the Library.
They got engaged this morning!

Well, if they're getting their picture taken...

The Library door says it opens at 9am on Sat. It opened at 9:10 and by 9:15 all of the tables were taken with Dawgs. By Noon, it is full of red and black, making the few ASU fans out scratch their heads and look for a spot at the 2-deep bar.

Nearly gametime.

Check out all the red!
We were so proud of the number of our fellow fans who made the trip.

One of ASU's most famous alums, Pat Tillman, the NFL player who used to lead his team out on the field, holding an American flag.
He was also a Reserve and was killed in Iraq.

It is hot in the sun, but we had shade.
The student section is FULL!

Cool logo at midfield.

"A Mountain" is behind us, but the peak at the far side of the stadium from where we are is where they launch the fireworks when ASU scores.
(We weren't destined to see a whole bunch of fireworks...)

Pregame: the Sundevils gather before going to the locker rooms.

They enter (and exit) though the fittingly-named Pat Tillman tunnel.

The Dawgs get fired up.

Perhaps bad planning, but A-S-U flags don't spell ASU for half of the stadium.
(How hard would it be to put an A on the other side of the U flag and vice versa?)

Their band takes the field.
Meanwhile, Ben and Ansley hike up to our seats at the top of the section.

They were actually rather good.

ASU really has a cool theme with all the pitchforks, arrows, etc.

They finally take the field.

We're so glad to be here - what a great day!

GoOoOoOo Dawgs! Sic 'Em!

Stafford back to pass...

Mid-way through the first half, the fireworks guy on top of the hill appears to have abandoned hope behind his shady saguaro.

Later: more scenes from the game and Tempe