September 20-21, 2008 - Georgia at Arizona State

What a heck of a setting for a game!
The mountains are electrifying!

We brought a smaller version of our Derbies (already a scaled-down version of the Redcoats).

Meanwhile, their band is a decent size - probably 250 members or so.

The now-famous Knowshon leap.

I'm tickled by all the people in his wake.

The Dawgs strike first.

Wave it, Hairy!

Just a gorgeous day!

They had the ball, too, but didn't do much in the first half.

Cool desert-cloudy day.

All the Georgia folks were surprised when planes started being routed overhead.
We're just not used to planes over stadiums in Athens.

Not a particularly long tradition at ASU, but a proud one.

We try to go up 10-0.

This was my attempt at following the field goal attempt.
I got no football, but check the middle of the screen... Is that a cartoon dinosaur wearing a jersey?

Hit the left upright.

ASU fumbles.

So we drive.

Handoff to Moreno...

Untouched until he hit the goalline.

Wave it, Hairy!

Moreno scores again.

By now, many ASU fans have long gone home.
There are thousands of Georgia fans enjoying the moment.

Final score: 27-10 Dawgs.

Herbetriet called the game and smiles as takes some jabs from exiting Georgia fans.

One last look at the resort we called home for the past 3 days.

...and the sushi bar Jill and I hit Saturday night after the game, where I had had many a happy hour in my 50+ trips to Tempe for the Circle K project.

On the plane, with one final glance at the desert mountains.
Great trip!!