September 7, 2008 - The newest McMahons

Walking down the hall, you can quickly see which is Bridget's room...

We walk in and see four-time grandma holding [who I think is] Megan.

Mom poses for her first picture with both. (To this point, she'd never actually held both at the same time.)

Quinn Joseph is on the left (see the feet?) and Megan Cassidy is on the right.
Quinn is still a bit upset about his circumcision.

Mom holds Quinn for a close-up.

Then, it is my turn.
He was a pleasure to hold. He just made a few baby-type sounds, like Kelsey did back in her day. No crying - at least not while I was there.

I held him for about :45 while the nurses took Megan away for her glucose check and Hep-B vaccination.

He's wee, weighing in at 5 lb. 6 oz. at birth (which was yesterday).

Cute little tuft of hair...

Man, Quinn is squinting hard.

The proud uncle.

He slept so soundly.

Meanwhile, big sis and big bro share a bag of candy after lunch.

Classic Sean look.

He's wearing that band-aid proudly. Remember son, chicks dig scars.
Kelsey shows off her candy.
I was shocked at how big her shoes are! I wonder if that means she's gonna be really tall...

Finally, Brendan retrieves Megan from the nursery, where the nurses were apparently content to keep her.
(She's that precious!)

I coax an eye opening. They're really dark blue.

Good way to tell them apart in pictures: - socks (the part of the pajamas that frequently protrude from the blankets - lips: bottom = Megan pokes out the top; top = Quinn (each pokes a different one out) - hair: more and darker is Megan - nurses labels: A = Megan, B = Quinn

The whole family.
Sean (and Blue), Quinn, Bridget, Megan, Brendan, and big-sis, Kelsey!

A gorgeous family! Congratulations, Bridget and Brendan!