September 18-19, 2008 - Georgia at Arizona State

The flight in was the most social flight I'd ever been on.
It was a portable cocktail party.

We ran out of all brown liquor halfway through the first drink service.
People were in the aisles talking, even while the seatbelt light was on. They carts couldn't get through, so to get a drink, you had to go to the back which was converted to a makeshift bar.
It made me so proud to be a Bulldog.

That first night, Jill and I met up with some friends, had a few drinks, and caught an 80s metal cover band at a local bar. Awesome.

The next day, mom, Jill, and I head out for a walk around Tempe.

Looking back at our resort's pool area, which will be hoppin' later!

We walked up "A Mountain," dotted with California Barrel, prickly pear, and other cacti

Apparently, there are other little critters afoot.

Finally to the top...

sporting the desert version of UGA apparel.

A little light reading for those curious about the A or a brief history of ASU.

...and "campus."

I may have ventured a bit off the path to get a better view of the Stadium. If I did, Jill would be back on the path making friends.

Looking down on fabled Sundevil Stadium...

West toward Tempe's dino-droppings.

Looking back down the path towards mom, who also made the climb.

As we climb back down, we see our resort.

These are our friends' rooms.

Generally cool scenery.

The wild west was tamed long ago. Now it's just crazy people who don't mind 120 degree heat.

Dawgs know how to beat that - lots of beer and a pool.

Lots of people...

LOTS of beer!
Go Dawgs!

Ginger takes us out to a [formerly] RARE Hospitality concept in Phoenix - the Capital Grille.
It's the end of an era for that tradition, since RARE (Longhorn Steakhouse, Bubaboo Creek, and Capital Grille) was bought by Darden (parent company of Bahama Breeze, Red Lobster, and their lone shining star - Seasons 52).

It was a great, great meal.
Thanks Ginger!

Tomorrow: GAMEDAY