September 13, 2008 - Indigo Girls at Chastain

We got a new TV. It revolutionizes watching football at Casa del Mulcay.

Onto Chastain. Mo brought a nice bottle of wine.

The double magnum dwarfs a normal bottle.
It is quite tiring to open.

Ross, Ali's friend, kicks a bit back, straight from the bottle.

Here's Ali, following suite.
Cool anecdote - I called Ali, who was already coming, on Friday and told her I had an extra ticket. She asked Ross if he'd like to go to a concert the next evening. He said yes, where. She said Atlanta. I had no idea, but they were in Chicago at the time. They flew in for the show! That's dedication.

Jill and Ali pose with the big ole bottle.

The Indigo Girls take the stage for a great show.

The vino was a-flowing that night. While Ross is in focus, pretty soon most everyone looked like Ali and Mo (right).

Ross, Ali, and Mo.

Amy and Emily keep playing.

Wonderful show.

It was the fullest show we saw all season.

They bring their opening act, the Australian Missy Higgins, on stage

We did manage to polish off that bottle between the six of us.

Jill and Mo are feeling good.
Astounding night. A great way to close out out Chastain season.