September 1, 2008 - Manhattan

It is the third morning and we're still not tired of the lobby...

What a gorgeous hotel!

Receiption left a bit to be desired, but the lobby (and lower bar) were wonderful.

St. Patrick's Cathedral is our first stop, being on 5th, just a few blocks from our hotel.

Love the stained glass.

Heading up 5th, we pass Disney and Trump Tower.

Then, up to 59th to enter Central Park.
We walk a bit, but decide we want to see more, so we take a peddi-cab.

We get to go further into the Park than we otherwise would have - and much quicker.

Past the old American Elms to the Poet's Lane.

We make it up to the Lake, something I hadn't done before (at least not for a while).

Bethesda Fountain.

The lake is a bit algae-infested, but scenic.
Boathouse on the far right.

Another fountain.

Cool buildings. They look Russian to me.

We pass artists, musicians, etc.

Over to Strawberry Fields to pay homage to a legend.

Some guitarists cover some Beatles tunes...

B&C enjoy they ride.

We leisurely walk down to Rockerfeller to see Prometheus.
We actually had a light lunch and cocktails here. Highly recommend it! catch our train to Flusing.

We pass the Chrystler one last time.
We had done this every day on the way from the hotel down to Grand Central to

Back at the hotel to pick up our bags...
That's the trip! Great time!!