August 15, 2008 - Costa Rica

Our first glimpse of Costa Rica's east coast...

We start to fly over the country, over rivers and deltas to the west coast.

Heading to our resort.

Brahmas. (Sort of a theme for the year...)
The unhealthy-looking cattle are moved close to the coast where they eat saltier grass, retain water, and gain weight.
Cool, eh?

Society seems to be split between agriculture and tourism.

Various species of vultures.

We arrive at our resort, Los Sueños, which is a delightful retreat from the country around it.

...and wind through the traditional halls to our room.

The view from our room.

The grounds are immaculate.



An iguana lounges by the pool.

(I scared it up a wall. Neat.)

Jill and I would have an app and a few drinky-drinks at the pool-bar later.

And what a pool!

A labyrinth of canals criss-cross between alcoves and under bridges.

It's a fun place to swim, provided you're not there for the exercise.

The pool leads up to a waterfall-lined path...

...which is the path we'd take to breakfast in the morning.

So until then, we hang out at the resort and have dinner at a restaurant by the marina.
(sea bass civiche and snapper-and-chips - seafood is great here!)