August 9, 2008 - Gipsy Kings at Chastain

No doubt, the highlight of Chastain is the pre-concert festivities.

We dine in style for this show, as by now we have become accustomed.
Fruit, dips, cheese, mucho vino, and 2.47 chicken fingers per person.

This show is the highlight of the season - the Gipsy Kings.

It is a large group of guys from southern France who sing in Spanish, Portugese, Italian, Basque, and other forms of gobbly-gook, but it all sounds great!

The ladies post for the camera. (L-R: Jill, Claudia Hunt, and Ashley Smith)

I'm thinking Jill is tired of leaning.
(This is after several attempts with my least-favorite camera, which I had because it was all charged up and was readily available on the way out the door.)

John and Claudia smile for the camera as Eric serenades the unusually friendly guy behind us.

Ashley poses on Eric's lap.
(I did that later, but the pictures didn't come out. I hate this camera.)

"Ole Mad Eye" and Claudia again.

Oh yeah - the show...

We HAVE to dance.
(Most of you aren't going to get this, but that is Honza Fedak's dad on the other side of us...)

Six guitar, two percussionists and at least one guy on keyboards.
Amazing sound!
Great show!