August 2, 2008 - The Kirkley-Cannady Wedding

The happy couple take the stage for their first dance.

The ever-eloquent Jimmy Nall gives a toast.
He always conveys so much emotion in his speeches that, while there was nary a dry eye when he was done, Jimmy didn't even have a dry eye within seconds of starting.
(Sorry about the photo quality. I was completely across the room. Well that was where the bar was!!)

Ahh, the armadillo cake.
Shades of Steel Magnolias.

Kelley and Elijah cut the wedding cake.

Some sick demento plays the farmer's wife and hacks the tail off the armadillo first.

Let the dancing begin!

Some new line dance.
I had no idea, but all of the Nalls seemed to know it.

Jill and my mom (both far right; I'll let visitors guess which is which) takes her queue from Jennifer (red), who clearly has it down!

...and Ava hits the dance floor like a professional!

Shortly thereafter, Tommy hits the dance floor like a different kind of professional...


Kelley looks a little nervous.

It would appear that sun goes down and Elijah's still working on it.

After the receiption, the sun sets over Hoschton.

We send the bride and groom off in a shower of sparklers.
(Adam continues to enjoy his sparklers well after the happy couple departs.)

The Cannadys head off into the sunset.
Amy, who organized another wonderful event, never misses a detail. She packs a little
light reading for the car ride and honeymoon.
Despite the minor flares of drama leading up to the event, it was a great wedding, filled with warmth and love and general good merriment, as is the trademark of all Cofer-clan gatherings.
Can't wait for the next one...