July 12-14, 2008 - Kittyhawk, NC

As is now tradition, Jill and I start off the mornings by taking a bike ride. About 11 miles south of our house is the end of the road and a view of Bodie Island Light.

We're treated to an area left to weeds and wildflowers.

There is beach access at the southern end of the road as well.
This is the first time I'd been to the beach at the Outer Banks in 3 years.

On the ride back, we re-enter Nags Head.

We finally meet Laura.

She likes cameras!

Kelsey and Elliot play Cranium.

Jill plays with Laura.

Random shot.
Most random shots at the beach are of card playing, eating cookies, or a combination thereof.
Tad has Chris-or-Tom (one of John and Terri's twins) on his lap. Walter (Tad and Dedee's son) is in the background.
Unfortunately, I cut off most of Eulalia.

When and if I get a copy of the group photo, I'll post it. It was a pretty big group this year. It'll be much bigger with more McMahons.